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Folsom Heating & Air Conditioning Service

At Service Champions, we provide exceptional service for any heating and air conditioning needs in Folsom, CA and the surrounding areas. Our priority is to offer clients a guaranteed and satisfying experience so that they don’t have to worry about finding a reputable and reliable HVAC company. If you are looking for Folsom HVAC services, our technicians from the Rocklin Center will provide top-rated professional services your area so you can be sure to be covered for all your AC and heating service needs. We are available 7 days a week to perform heating and air conditioning services. Our services cover repair, maintenance, and installation for both heating services and air conditioning services.

Our company serves many locations across Northern California, with a team of highly trained and professional HVAC technicians at each center. We understand that your home comfort is important to you and your family and that you are looking for someone to solve your problems, not give you more problems!

In business since 2003, Service Champions has demonstrated to thousands of clients that we can be trusted, relied upon, and reasonable with our pricing. We are ready to handle your home AC and heater needs and will make sure you feel comfortable at home whether it is in the middle of a heatwave or a cold spell. With the best technicians, written guarantees, and over-the-top service attitude, there’s nothing to lose by scheduling with us as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Services In Folsom, CA

We understand when it gets hot, you want your AC unit to kick in and work properly. At Service Champions, we can help you get through the Folsom hot summer days. We are Folsom’s trusted heating and air conditioning company you can always rely on for your home comfort.

AC Service In Folsom, CA

Air Conditioning Repair Folsom, CA

When your air conditioner stops working, home comfort becomes a priority. Fortunately, we have AC technicians prepared for the heat and you can expect quick and reliable air conditioning service from us. If you’re looking for the right repair for your air conditioner, look no further than Service Champions! We have been providing comfort solutions for Folsom homeowners since 2003. As a Diamond Certified company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we guarantee you’ll be in good hands with our AC repair technicians.

Here are some signs that you need air conditioning repair:

  • Home isn’t being cooled as quickly as it used to
  • The air conditioner is leaking or has a pool of liquid surrounding it
  • The unit is cycling on frequently, working harder than it should

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Just like your furnace, it’s important to maintain your AC system so that it runs properly and efficiently and to turn your unit on gently, as the AC Compressor can dry out after it has been in hibernation for the winter. Have our technicians take a close look and bring your air conditioner unit back to life gently so that your system performs the way it is supposed to.

Here are some signs that you need air conditioning maintenance:

  • Air filters have not been changed regularly
  • Condensation build-up and are visible
  • Moisture around the vents or duct system

Air Conditioning Installation

Air conditioning systems typically last 10-12 years and depends on how much use it goes through and how well you maintain them. When repair costs add up and the energy bill rises due to inefficiencies, it may be time to look at the benefits of an air conditioning installation for home cooling. Our team of professional HVAC experts can determine at what point it would be beneficial for you to do so.


Furnace Repair In Folsom

When it gets cold inside your house, the furnace is the go-to system to turn on to keep you warm. The average lifespan of a furnace generally lasts 15-30 years. Throughout the lifespan of a furnace, you will need repairs and regular maintenance to be done. Once the costs outweigh the benefits of a new heater, it is generally a good idea to replace the heater. Our team of professional technicians service homes with fully stocked vans to properly repair, maintain and install any part if needed so that you only need to see them on your first visit. Your time is important to us and we don’t like wasting people’s time!

HVAC tech repairing a furnace in Folsom, CA

Furnace Repair When Your System Has Issues

When your heater stops working, you know it’s time to have someone look at it. Inaccurate diagnostics leads to wasted repair costs and unfixed problems. Don’t let the wrong diagnostic cost you your peace of mind. A Folsom HVAC furnace repair done by us will help you know exactly what went wrong with your system. Our heating technicians will explain thoroughly what went wrong and what you can do to repair your furnace. With Service Champions, we guarantee that we’ll fix it right the first time, or it’s FREE!

Here are some signs that you need furnace repair:

  • Furnace doesn’t turn on
  • Furnace is making a weird noise
  • Not enough heat being produced by the furnace

Get A Repair Done Right, The First Time!

Schedule Today To Get In Touch With A HVAC Technician Who Will Explain Clearly What They Will Be Doing!

Regular Furnace Maintenance For Homeowners

If you’ve been running your furnace for years without regular maintenance, you are jeopardizing the longevity of your HVAC unit. It’s important to regularly tune-up your heater to ensure that it performs efficiently and powerfully. This will save you money on electricity costs and give you heat that you can enjoy all-around your home.

Here are some signs that you need furnace maintenance:

  • Reduction of the level of heat in the home
  • Increase in your utility bill
  • Reduction of airflow

Trusted Experts In Furnace Installation

An HVAC furnace installation requires a team of knowledgeable heating and air technicians who know how to size and recommend the right system for optimal performance. Our team will work with you to find the best furnace system that fits your home and your preferences. With the guarantees we have specifically for installs, we can provide you a risk-free trial of all furnace replacement for up to 2 years! Find out more about our written guarantees for your heating and air conditioning to relieve your worries. On top of our guarantees, we also offer financing options, so you don’t have to pay the full costs upfront for a HVAC system.

Heating system repair in Folsom, CA


Thermostat and Ductwork Services

Did you know that your Indoor Air Quality is 2 to 5 times worse than the outdoor air quality? In order to protect your family, make sure that you are breathing in air quality that is fresh and clean. Proper ventilation can reduce indoor allergies, utility costs, and also helps distribute even heating and cooling throughout your home. Request an inspection or learn more about our ductwork services in the Folsom area.

If you like to control your home temperature on the go throughout the season, look into our heating and air conditioning thermostat installation page where you’ll find more information about smart thermostats to provide you with more convenience and savings on energy costs.

Brands That We Carry For Your Residential Home Comfort

Since we’ve been in the heating and air industry for a while now (2003), we know which brands work the best and which HVAC systems is the most beneficial to the homeowner. Choosing the right unit for your home is more than just the price, there are other factors such as longevity, efficiency, maintenance, and size to determine the best choice.

Here are just a few brands that we carry:

One thing to keep in mind with most brands is that generally, most manufacturer warranties cover up to 1 year. We understand that 1 year is not enough to ensure a stable peace of mind. That’s why with Service Champions, we will honor a 2-year risk-free test drive with your new installation. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, we will dismantle it and refund you back 100%!

Our Work In The Folsom Area…

We’ve serviced many calls from the Folsom area in Sacramento and our clients love us there. The services we have provided in Folsom range anywhere from regular maintenance jobs to replacement jobs. We ALWAYS show up on time anywhere we go no matter if the home is located near El Dorado freeway or beside Lake Folsom. We understand that the weather in Sacramento can get pretty hot and dry during the summer and winter, that is why we guarantee that your comfort is our top priority.


Our Clients In Folsom Are Guaranteed Quality Care

Our technicians are the best of the best. What makes them highly qualified is the mandatory training that they receive and credentials they must obtain in order to serve as your champion technician. Our technicians are background-checked, drug-tested, NATE certified, and EPA certified. This means that you don’t have to worry about unfinished, questionable, and late work. We’ll take out your worries and replace it with a peace of mind. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you!

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“We recently replaced both of our HVAC units. We have had good and bad contractors. Service Champions is EXCELLENT! From the initial scheduling with Cathy to Candise for our estimate then the huge job Jose and his team did to replace both systems went seamlessly. It was a huge investment and we are so glad we chose to go with this company. Thank you to all who were involved at Service Champions.”

-Tim L.

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