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Good day, are you a Lafayette, CA homeowner in search of the professional HVAC services ‘everyone calls’ in your area? We believe that’s us, the highest-reviewed and most popular HVAC company across Northern California – Service Champions – with well over 11,000 genuine 5-star reviews to back us.

We love this part of the state as well, with its rich history interwoven with the rest of the region and beyond. Did you know that in the early days, mid-1800s lumbering traffic from the San Antonio Redwoods to shipping in Martinez prompted the first businesses which led to modern day downtown – a blacksmith shop and a couple taverns?

That said, we put this page together so you can quickly get to know us a bit better and discover the full range of HVAC solutions we can offer you.

Let’s begin by going over a complete rundown on the most important part of our company besides you, and that’s our technicians.

5 Things to Expect from Your Service Champions HVAC Technician Before They Show Up to Your Lafayette, CA Home

  • 1. They’ve Been Well-Vetted By Us: We do not outsource our vetting, but hold extensive in-person interviews coupled with thorough background checks and drug testing. Our technicians are the beating heart of our company, and they interact with the public so there’s no room for mistakes. They put the service in Service Champions.
  • 2. They’ve Been Trained In Our Own Facility: Of course we take necessary steps to make sure they have all the direct educational and professional experience in air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality solutions. To add to that, we train them in the way we do things – based on service – in our own state-of-the-art Champions University.
  • 3. Afterwards They Undergo Ongoing Training: Once they join our team, that’s not the end of their education. Our industry is always changing and evolving. This is why they have to continue their industry education while gaining experience with each successful project. With well over a hundred technicians now, training is a big part of our company.
  • 4. They Wear Official Uniforms & Drive Our Trucks: Service Champions isn’t some rinky-dink ‘a few guys and their trucks’ operation. Each technician is wearing our professional attire and driving company trucks which are outfitted with every possible tool, gadget, and trinket of the trade so they can get the job done quickly and effectively.
  • 5. They Perform Well, Or Your Money Back! No questions asked. How could we call ourselves the champions of HVAC service if we allowed ANYONE to pay for poor service? We’re your risk-free option – our technicians will be on time, talented, respectful, accommodating, and bring a positive attitude into your home without exception.

That should tell you an incredible amount about our company, and give you a crisp idea of what to expect once you schedule your free inspection.

Now, assuming you agree we employ the most well-trained HVAC techs in Lafayette, CA, and we can provide the outstanding Air Conditioning and Furnace-related HVAC services…what kind of guarantees do we have to ensure your peace of mind?

Guarantees That Define the Service Champions Customer Experience: Risk-Free

These are the most popular guarantees we can offer you before stepping foot inside your home. Once you’re finished pursuing, you’ll see why we can offer risk-free and exceptional service.

  • Our Repair Guarantee: Get two-year parts and labor warranties on parts we replace. If you choose to become an MVP member, this becomes a lifetime parts and labor warranty.
  • No Change Order Guarantee: Once we provide a price, it won’t change. No surprises on your final invoice!
  • Workmanship Guarantee: If you’re unhappy with our workmanship, and we can’t correct the issue, we refund your money no questions asked.
  • No-Lemon Guarantee: If a crucial component of your furnace or air conditioning fails, it’s covered – 5-year warranty for Compressor/10-year warranty for Heat Exchanger.
  • Comfort Guarantee: Every project is custom-designed to fit the needs of the homeowner. We guarantee your desired comfort level.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee: When comparing similar warranties and products, our prices won’t be beat.
  • Two-Year Client Trust Guarantee: If you’re unhappy with your heating or cooling system within two years of installation, let us know. We’ll remove it and arrange another company to install a new system for you.

Our Other HVAC-Related Services for Lafayette, CA

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