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Service Champions is Pleasanton’s choice for expert air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement

At Service Champions, we’ve served over 130,000 clients. We’ve been in business since 2003. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And we are a Diamond Certified HVAC contractor in Pleasanton – very few others have this!

To put it simply, we have the experience, skill, and resources to service your AC system exactly right.

One of the most important elements to our client satisfaction is our technicians. You won’t find friendlier, more experienced, and highly skilled air conditioning technicians in Pleasanton.

That’s not just hype—we truly do ensure our technicians to be the best of the best in every area:

  • Before hiring a new tech, we require them to undergo several background checks and drug screenings.

  • All techs are trained in our state-of-the-art training facility, Champions University.

  • No matter how much experience a tech has, they must undergo consistent continuing education.

  • We train all techs to adhere to our core values of respect, kindness, and clear communication. Your tech will show up on time, clean up their messes, and treat you the way you want to be treated (that is… RIGHT).

Here is a look at the air conditioning services we provide:

Air Conditioning Repair Pleasanton

When it comes to air conditioning repair, we focus on efficiency, urgency, and quality. We’re available 24/7, so you can contact us whenever a problem creeps up. We’ll arrive as soon as possible with all of the right tools to repair your air conditioning system.

Before we perform the repair work, we provide you with a firm up-front price to ensure no surprises. Our repairs also come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee—in the event you are unsatisfied with our work, we will refund your money. In addition, we guarantee replaced parts and the workmanship for two years.

Air Conditioning Maintenance/Tune-Ups

Tuning-up your AC on a regular basis can save you big bucks down the line. Think of it like getting your teeth cleaned by your dentist every six months—you keep your teeth in top shape, so they don’t develop large problems. The same principle applies to your AC!

We’re confident we have the most thorough air conditioning maintenance service in Pleasanton. Our tune-ups last 60 to 90 minutes. They take care of over 20 vital components of your air conditioner. And they involve a meticulous cleaning to maximize your system’s efficiency and performance. We guarantee that you will save more money in energy efficiency than what it costs for our tune-up.

Service Champions MVP members get this tune-up once per year. Being an MVP member also comes with other benefits, such as discounted prices, priority scheduling, and much more.

Air Conditioning Installation/Replacement in Pleasanton

The best air conditioning system is the one that is right for your specific home. We assess your home to determine the best-fitting system for your situation. This ensures you peak performance, efficiency, and value for your money.

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