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Hi there neighbor, we’re Service Champions, your #1 HVAC company serving all of Santa Clara, CA. As you’ll soon see, we’re very well known throughout the locale and we can be there at your doorstep to help before you know it.

We offer a wide range of HVAC services to Santa Clara residents, including:

  • Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance, and New Unit Installation
  • Furnace Repair, Maintenance, and New Unit Installation
  • Comprehensive In-Home Air Services

Service Champions regularly visits Santa Clara neighborhoods. Being a center of Silicon Valley, the home of Levi’s Stadium, and the seat of such abundant Californian history, it’s always a treat for our HVAC technicians!

Of all the unique, diverse, and iconic NorCal cities we look after, Santa Clara is in our top three favorites for sure. That said, let’s help you get to know us better. We’ll begin with five quick questions to ask really any Santa Clara HVAC company you’re considering working with.

5 Quick-Prudent Questions (Including Our Answers) To Ask Any Reputable Santa Clara HVAC Company

  • 1. “What can you quickly say about your HVAC technicians?” Well, if you want our opinion we’ll genuinely tell you we believe they’re the best HVAC techs in Northern CA. But don’t take our word for it, we have over 11,000+ reviews that back up this belief. Most of them are 4 and 5-star reviews that mention techs by name in appreciation. Also, we should mention, a large percentage of our customers are MVP program members.
  • 2. “Why are your AC repair services superior compared to the competition?” First it’s because of our commanding presence in San Mateo and NorCal in general. We also have 16 years of experience in the area with our very own state-of-the-art training facility we affectionately call Champions University. Our tremendous growth is a result of our customers, San Mateo homeowners like you, and a commitment to our process.
  • 3. “Along with repair, do you install new AC and furnace systems?” This is one of our core functions for homeowners. We can both repair/service, or install cutting-edge new units that meet every standard and your budgeting needs. With over 150+ mandatory ongoing training hours every year (on top of their previous experience), our technicians are highly-qualified installers and consultants who can also answer all your questions.
  • 4. “Are your ongoing servicing options available in Santa Clara?” You bet! As mentioned, a huge percentage of our annual customers are MVP Program (Maintenance Value Plan) Members. Along with lots of steep discounts and 24-hour new install times, your annual checkups/tuneups are taken care of and so much more. Service Champions is proud to offer this level of value to San Mateo communities. Just call, we’ll be there.
  • 5. “Do you offer any financing solutions to your customers?” We get this a lot, especially via phone call. Yes, if you would like to finance the investment into your home’s HVAC system that’s not a problem. We’re happy to provide financing information within the framework of our ‘Know Before You Go’ Program which ensures you’re fully informed on all our HVAC financing partnerships and programs before taking the next step.

What It’s Like Working with Service Champions: Worry-Free, Customer-Focused, and Reliable

Something of special note about Service Champions with respect to what it’s like working with us for the first time, is again, our customer reviews. While it’s a bit overwhelming to consider, we have over 11,000.

Part of the reason why is because we go out of our way to be transparent, giving homeowners ample opportunities and easy ways to provide feedback.

Let’s take a look at two reviews that speak about where the rubber meets the road, our heating & AC repair technicians. They’re the beating heart of our company and your experience with us. One is from the greater internet and the second is from a recent comment left here on our website.

“Mason did a great tune-up, answered all my questions about how to address specific desired improvements to our home system, and was just a friendly guy. I look forward to working with Service Champions HVAC in the future!”

Our technicians are the #1 stars of our reviews, being mentioned in the vast majority of them. Of course they’re professionally vetted, but we take great care of them as well so they stay with us for years.

“Thanks for sending out Aaron! His level of personal service reminds me of the awesome techs I had years ago… Aaron was excellent – personable, proficient, and explained his work thoroughly. Please only send us Aaron in the future!”

We believe you can expect the very same, whether it’s for your furnace, AC or our other in-home air-related services.

Our Other HVAC-Related Services for Milpitas, CA

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