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Always Choose A Diamond-Certified
Air Conditioning & Heating Company

Service Champions Has Been Diamond Certified
For 18 Consecutive Years… And Counting!

Many homeowners find selecting a contractor to be stressful. It’s understandable – it can be hard to know at first glance which companies are great, which are merely good, and which are poor to mediocre.

The best way to find a great company is to look for INDEPENDENT facts about them. Like lots of great online reviews (We have those). And an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. (We check that box, too). But the best way to be sure about the company you choose is to always look for Diamond Certification.

Do you want to see our Diamond-Certified report for yourself on their independent website? Our track record is freely available when you click here.

happy customer because she chose Service Champions, a diamond-certified HVAC company

What Diamond Certification Is… And Why It Matters

The Diamond Certified is awarded by an organization that does independent customer satisfaction research.

Here is the method, as explained on their website:

“Our rigorous 12-step company certification process is the most reliable anywhere. We survey a large, random sample of REAL customers by telephone to get the most accurate rating and verify only actual customers are responding. By surveying from a company’s entire customer base, we ensure the results of our study, good or bad, truly represent the company’s customer satisfaction level.”

We’re pleased to say that year in and year out, Service Champions has never wavered in our consistently excellent customer satisfaction ratings. In 2021, earned its 18th CONSECUTIVE YEAR of Diamond Certification!

This means that you don’t have to use guesswork to choose an air conditioning and heating company in Northern California. You can reach out to a company that is completely proven to have the highest levels of customer satisfaction for well over a decade. That’s consistent excellence.

See The Independent Report For Yourself

Our report is always online for all to see, including actual customer satisfaction reviews gathered independently. You can see our Diamond Certified Company Report by clicking here.

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