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Is your home too hot, too cold, or a wild variation in temperature from room to room?

That’s where zoning can help.

Traditionally, a home is heated and cooled using one HVAC system. In a multi-zoned home, you can consider each “zone” its own system.

Controlled by its own thermostat, each zone heats and cools only its location, meaning you can adjust the temperature in one place without impacting the rest of the home.

Nearly any home’s HVAC system is improved with zoning.

Not only can it keep everyone at a comfortable, consistent temperature, but it can also save you energy and money.

Call today for your free estimate and take the first steps to providing comfort in every room of your home.

Benefits of Zoning

By having your own thermostat in each zoning area, you can control the heating/cooling with one touch. Zoned heating and cooling is a great option to simplify your home’s HVAC system. Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

  • Independent heating and cooling.

    In a zoned home, you can heat and cool each space to your liking. If you want the top floor to be cooler in the evening, you don’t need to cool down the entire home. 

  • Improved efficiency.

    Because you can be exact about which zones you heat and cool, you don’t need to overheat or cool down portions of the home you’re not using. This minimizes wear on your HVAC system and can save energy use, lowering utility bills.

  • Keeping a complicated home comfortable.

    Your home may be constructed of different materials or have more windows in some space than others. With zoning, you can keep temperatures more consistent across the space, instead of overheating one room or cooling the whole house. With zoning, you don’t need to constantly adjust a single thermostat to keep temperatures to your liking.   



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