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HVAC thermostats & control system

What is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is fitted with an efficient mechanism that maintains conducive temperature levels in your house and reduces the risk of equipment failure. It acts as a control unit for your HVAC system and uses different sensors to monitor and control temperature. When used rationally, a thermostat helps you manage your utility bills better.

Basic Thermostat Types

  • Low-voltage Thermostats:Typically used in central heating systems, low-voltage thermostats use oil, gas, and electricity. This type is relatively more energy efficient, accurate, and easy to control as it operates at a low voltage.
  • Line-voltage Thermostats:Mainly used in single heating systems, line-voltage thermostats run at 240V to bring the room to the specified temperature. Both these variants are available in three options, programmable, mechanical, and electronic.

Variants Available Under Line-Voltage & Low-Voltage Thermostats

  • Programmable Thermostats: It automatically adjusts the temperature according to your preset timings to conserve energy and keep the environment comfortable.
  • Electronic thermostats:These thermostats employ electronic gadgets and come with an automatic setback to detect changes in temperature and control the HVAC system. They are quick, efficient, and cost more than mechanical thermostats.
  • Mechanical thermostats:This is a user-friendly and cost-effective option that features bi-metallic strips for sensing temperature changes. The only downside of these thermostats is the slow response time.Your HVAC system accounts for more than half of your energy consumption. Investing in a smart thermostat is an incredible way to save energy and money. Do your bit for the environment while maximizing your comfort and avoid the added cost of staying warm in winter with a programmable thermostat. If you wish to cut down on your heating and cooling costs by 25%, call Service Champions and get guaranteed repairs and replacements with 100% satisfaction.

    Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

    An automated thermostat offers greater operational control and energy savings while keeping your home warm and comfortable. It comes with a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to enjoy these amazing benefits:

  • A smart thermostat acts according to your preferences and automates the raising and dropping of the temperature by detecting your presence. This ensures that your HVAC system consumes less energy when you are not around and lowers your utility bills.
  • The companion app that comes with a smart thermostat keeps a constant eye on your house and allows you to adjust the temperature from anywhere.
  • Whether you are driving home from work or resting on your couch, you can control the thermostat if you have your mobile handy.
  • A thermostat notifies you immediately in case of power outage and temperature fluctuations.
  • Smart thermostats are user-friendly and designed with energy-efficient settings that save you a bundle on your energy bills.

The HVAC services offered at Service Champions cover a variety of Sacramento repair and maintenance plans throughout Campbell, Roseville, Richmond, San Jose, Pleasanton, Rocklin and extend as far as Alameda, Albany, Auburn, Brentwood, Citrus Heights, Concord, Danville, Fremont, Oakland, and Palo Alto. Call 925-444-4444 for prompt HVAC services or simply fill out the inquiry form to shop from a wide selection of thermostats in CA.


Risk Free Guarantees

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service we have provided we will refund all of your money. If our technicians smoke or swear in your home; are not drug-free; do not wear medical shoe covers or leave your home without cleaning up, you do not pay for the service.


We guarantee the parts we replace on your equipment are fixed right. Any parts we replace come with a 2 year parts & labor warranty. If you are an MVP Member when we replace a part & stay on the program continuously, that part comes with a lifetime parts & labor warranty.


We guarantee that all the equipment we have installed will perform as we have stated. If during the first two years the system does not heat or cool your home to your satisfaction, we will remove it and return 100% of your investment.

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