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How Smart Is Your Home and Can it Be Smarter?

We Have The Latest Thermostat Solutions
That Make Controlling Your Home’s Comfort SO EASY

Over the last 10 years, thermostats have been transformed into something much more than a simple manual control with one function. If you want energy saving benefits of automated functions and the convenience of controlling your thermostat with an app on your phone, Service Champions has the whole home solution.

Thermostat Options

The days of the connected home are just getting started! There are thermostats not only paired with artificial intelligence devices like Google Home, and Alexa but you can control the setting right from your smart phone! Convenience, technology, and energy savings right at your fingertips! What does it really mean to have a smart home vs a connected home?

  • A smart thermostat acts according to your preferences and automates the raising and dropping of the temperature by detecting your presence. This ensures that your HVAC system consumes less energy when you are not around and lowers your utility bills.
  • The companion app that comes with a smart thermostat keeps a constant eye on your house and allows you to adjust the temperature from anywhere.
  • Whether you are driving home from work or resting on your couch, you can control the thermostat if you have your mobile handy.
  • A thermostat notifies you immediately in case of power outage and temperature fluctuations.
    Smart thermostats are user-friendly and designed with energy-efficient settings that save you a bundle on your energy bills.

If you’re a Northern California homeowner who wants a new programmable thermostat, Service Champions can install one for you quickly and easily.

Smart Thermostat Installation

More Information About Thermostats

Basic Thermostat Types

We have great options that will create a connected home for you and your family all while saving your home energy and saving you money on your utility bills! Ask about how we can upgrade your thermostat and create a connected home for you and your family!

Your HVAC system accounts for more than half of your energy consumption. Investing in a smart thermostat is an incredible way to save energy and money.

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