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How To Clean Your Dryer Vents

Man holding the lint filled trap from a front loading tumble dryer

You may have grown up being told to clean the dryer filter when you finish using the dryer. This takes only a moment, simply wiping the lint off the filter and replacing it before going about your day. However, this is only the tip of care that your dryer needs, especially when it comes to

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Why You Should Get an AC Tune-Up Done By a Professional

There’s more to your HVAC company’s services than simply installing AC units and repairing them when they break down. Your HVAC company can also perform annual tune-ups in order to make sure everything is running smoothly. These tune-ups can expand the life of your AC unit, if they’re done by a professional who knows what

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3 Reasons To Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat with a person saving energy with a smart device on a white background

Are you in the market for a new thermostat? The available technology may have advanced since the last time you purchased one. Today, you have a wide variety of smart thermostat options to choose from. Never used a smart thermostat option? Here’s why it might be the right choice for your home:

Scary Furnace Sounds You Should Never Ignore

Loud and Scary Furnace Sounds and What They Mean

What’s that noise?! Is it banging, rapping, scraping or screeching? Whether the sounds are soft or loud, it’s enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies. You’ll want to investigate. It is the beginning of the dark, cold winter after all. You let out a sigh of relief when you find out it’s just the furnace, but

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Homeowner Tips: How To Keep Indoor Air Clean During CA Wildfires

Smoke from wildfires rise above trees in California

Keep your Northern California home safer from wildfire smoke and air contaminants. In this article we’re going to touch on the basics of wildfire, then talk about how to protect your home from wildfire smoke – keeping the indoor air quality higher and safer than it’s likely to be outdoors. As Northern California’s HVAC experts,

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Tips To Use Your HVAC Unit To Alleviate Allergies

Woman hands on open air purifier for clean dirty air purifier HEPA filter.

No matter the year, allergy season is always a dreaded event. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, allergy season becomes a little more complex. According to the CDC(1), allergies and COVID-19 have many similar symptoms which can make them difficult to discern, including: cough, difficulty breathing, fatigue, headache, sore throat, congestion, and runny

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Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

AC Repair Northern CA

The point of an air conditioner is to, well, cool your home. This is especially important during intense Northern California summers. So why is it that sometimes when you turn your AC on, you find that it’s blowing warm or hot air? The answer could lie in a number of issues, from a miscommunication between

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