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Homeowner Tips: How To Keep Indoor Air Clean During CA Wildfires

Smoke from wildfires rise above trees in California

Keep your Northern California home safer from wildfire smoke and air contaminants. In this article we’re going to touch on the basics of wildfire, then talk about how to protect your home from wildfire smoke – keeping the indoor air quality higher and safer than it’s likely to be outdoors. As Northern California’s HVAC experts,

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Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

AC Repair Northern CA

The point of an air conditioner is to, well, cool your home. This is especially important during intense Northern California summers. So why is it that sometimes when you turn your AC on, you find that it’s blowing warm or hot air? The answer could lie in a number of issues, from a miscommunication between

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The Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Services in Folsom, CA

Having an air conditioning system that’s in good working order is essential to a Northern California home, especially as we move into the summer. But you don’t want to install an air conditioning system and then leave it alone for the coming months, neglecting to care for it until something breaks. That’s why before there’s

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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Your pet is part of your family. Sure, they leave fur everywhere and might have a habit of scratching or biting the furniture, but you know you wouldn’t have them any other way. However, HVAC maintenance can have added challenges when you live with a furry best friend. Pet dander can be a pesky problem

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Is Your Air Conditioner Making You Sick?

new clean air filter

Do you ever find yourself feeling stuffy and fatigued even when you’ve stayed inside for most of the day? The point of your air conditioner is to make your home more comfortable — cooling and protecting your home in the hottest days of spring and summer. If your air conditioner is not well-maintained, however, it

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How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

When it comes to air conditioning, you have more options than simply the typical central, duct air conditioning unit or window units. Many homeowners prefer the simplicity of a ductless air conditioning unit, while others might not be familiar with the concept. Cost is always an important consideration. Any air conditioning system is a necessary

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Technical Talk: Budget for an AC Replacement This Summer

Budget for an AC Replacement This Summer

When you need an AC replacement, it often doesn’t feel that you can just wait until you have an unlimited budget to cover it. After all, good air conditioning is crucial to your home comfort, and you don’t want to go too long without it. But an AC replacement is also an investment, and before

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