8 Benefits A Regularly Maintained Air Conditioner Offers

One of the best home appliances you can own is an air conditioner, especially during the sweltering summer heat. The air conditioner effectively refrigerates your home against the heat and makes your life at home very cool and comfortable.

A Comfortable In Home Temperature

The last thing you would want during a hot summer is to have your AC break down, causing you to drop beads of sweat as well as wads of money to fix it. Regular maintenance can greatly reduce the cost of an unprecedented emergency break down of your AC. Regular maintenance of your AC will literally allow you to take it easy and not sweat it.

Lessen Heat Fatigue

Heat Fatigue is a serious health condition today which occurs due to exposure to high temperatures and is usually accompanied by dehydration. Owning a well maintained air conditioner protects you and your family from the heat as well as heat fatigue.

Reduce/Lower Humidity

Modern AC’s de-humidify as they cool. Lack of humidity control in humid regions leads to mold issues and other moisture related problems.

Comfortable Surrounding for Sleeping

The cool air flowing into your home set at your ideal temperature by a well maintained AC affects your comfort levels as well as how well you sleep.

Reduces Energy Usage

A well maintained AC unit lowers reduces your home’s energy use and cost by 20% to 30%. A well maintained AC running at optimum capacity will still cost you less than having many fans on at once. The reduced energy usage leads to a lower electricity bill for you.

Saves Money and Reduces Bills

A well maintained AC unit reduces your home’s energy use by 10% to 40% according to a program by the National Institute of Building Sciences which in turn will lower your electricity bill by that much. You will be saving a roughly a quarter of your monthly home expenses by simply maintaining your AC.

Improves Ventilation

A well maintained AC cools and dehumidifies your home which in turn leads to better ventilation of cool, clean processed air. Good ventilation means better air quality which has been processed by your well maintained AC.

Health and Safety

A well maintained AC contains several safety features. These involve air filters that are replaced or cleaned on a monthly basis to remove dust mites, remove airborne allergens, reduce carbon monoxide danger as well as fire hazards from accumulated contaminants. Another important component is the dehumidifier which reduces mold growth.

Is regular maintenance necessary and beneficial in the long run? A question that plagues everyone regarding anything they own or are interested in.

It is indeed beneficial to have a regularly serviced AC unit as it allows your AC to run at peak capacity in an efficient manner such that it is beneficial to you in terms of air quality as well as energy efficient and budget friendly. Regular maintenance saves you money as it extends your AC’s lifespan and decreases costly repairs by as much as 95% further on.

At Service Champions, we’d love to help you keep your home cool without breaking the bank. Get in touch with us for HVAC repairs or servicing, as well ask our experts for suggestions for energy saving techniques and equipment.

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