What You Don’t Know About AC Maintenance & Repair Costs

When it comes time to pay for an air conditioning maintenance or repair, homeowners are often confused and overwhelmed.

We’re here to help you clear up the process and help you make more informed HVAC purchase decisions.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Costs

In order to avoid expensive air conditioning repairs, it’s important to schedule professional air conditioning maintenance every year, preferably in early spring.

This professional HVAC tune-up will make sure that your air conditioner is performing at its optimal state for lower energy bills and reduced repairs.

Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping your manufacturer warranty intact and improving the performance, efficiency, and lifespan of your cooling system.

All HVAC systems should be tune-up annually by a certified HVAC contractor.

On average, you can expect to pay around $70-$120 for a professional AC tune-up. For added savings, follow your local HVAC contractor on social media for seasonal discounts. You can also call the office to see if they have any current coupons or special offers.

Do NOT make the decision based on price alone! Find out what is included in the AC tune-up (some don’t clean condenser coils for instance) and research the company first before scheduling service. Learn what’s included in a professional AC tune-up from Service Champions.

If you really want to save money on HVAC maintenance, repair, and replacements, make sure you sign up for a HVAC Maintenance Plan, also known as a home or preventative maintenance agreements (PMA). Normally, these HVAC maintenance plans include both a furnace and air conditioning tune-up, as well as priority service and discounts on repairs and replacements.

Check out our HVAC Maintenance Value Plan (MVP). We challenge you to find a plan with more value.

Air Conditioning Repair Costs

Air conditioning repair costs vary depending on the service needed. Many AC repairs can be fixed on-the-spot while more complicated repairs may require ordering replacement parts.

The average cost for central AC repairs is around $200-$400.

In addition to the regular service call fee, expect to pay something close to:

  • $20-$50 for new condensate drain tube
  • $250-$450 for new condensate drain pump
  • $250-$575 for new AC drain pans
  • $75-$250 for new flush drain line
  • $250-$750 to recharge refrigerant
  • $200-$1,500 to repair refrigerant leak
  • $1,400-$2,100 to replace compressor
  • $200-$650 to repair outdoor fan motor
  • $75-$290 to replace breakers, relays, or fuses
  • $1,900-$2,900 to replace condenser coil
  • $50-$100 for a service fee (possibly more for holidays and weekends)

Keep in mind that air conditioning repair costs will vary widely from one company to the next. Also, you can probably expect to pay a service fee as well, although some companies may waive the service fee. The service fee covers the time and labor it takes for a professional technician to visit your home, troubleshoot your problem, and go over pricing options.

The best way to know what an air conditioning service will cost is by contacting a local, qualified HVAC contractor for an estimate. A licensed professional will set up a service appointment to diagnose the problem and present you with solutions along with upfront pricing options. Learn 20 questions to ask potential HVAC contractors.

Air Conditioning Replacement Costs

The cost of replacing your HVAC system is a whole other blog.

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