Heating Maintenance Services in Martinez, Concord, and Walnut Creek CA

Heating maintenance ensures every homeowner can enjoy optimal comfort throughout the cooler months. It also improves energy efficiency and safety. A poorly maintained furnace can break down at the most unexpected time, often during a cold spell when you need it the most. Service Champions, a local HVAC expert, is known for high-quality heating maintenance services in Martinez, Concord, and Walnut Creek, CA. Customers throughout the Bay Area depend on us to keep their heating units in top shape.

The Significance of Heating Maintenance in Martinez Homes

The climate in Martinez presents unique challenges that can strain heating systems. Some winters are colder than others. But you never want to be without heat; overnight lows typically drop to 49℉ or below from October through May (but even summer nights can be cool). Winter temperatures in the 30s or below can be dangerous to your family and home, whether you’re left shivering or a loved one is susceptible to illness. There’s also a risk of frozen pipes and other issues. 

Keeping your heating system maintained can avoid many problems and:

  • Improve Energy Efficiency: Proper maintenance enables a heating system to work less hard to keep your home warm, reducing utility costs.

  • Extend the Lifespan of Heating Systems: Cleaning components, tightening connections, and performing small repairs helps heating equipment last longer.

  • Ensure Consistent Comfort During Colder Months: Maintenance reduces the risk of a breakdown or performance issues that can lead to a lack of heating.

  • Helps Detect and Prevent Potential Issues: When an issue is found early, it’s less costly to fix. Proper maintenance also helps prevent certain heater issues.

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality: During maintenance, a technician can not only improve system cleanliness but also take steps that help reduce indoor air quality problems.

  • Comply with the Manufacturer’s Warranty: Equipment manufacturers often include terms that can mean ignoring maintenance requirements will void the warranty.

Heating Maintenance Checklist for Martinez Homes

At Service Champions, our heating system specialists follow a detailed checklist. It includes tasks that ensure your furnace or heater receives maintenance that can improve its performance, efficiency, and lifespan. Our 21-point checklist includes a thorough inspection of the heating system and covers the following:

  1. Test, calibrate, and level the thermostat

  2. Check for combustible materials near the unit

  3. Test the ignition system for operational and safety issues

  4. Test for carbon monoxide in the duct system

  5. Ensure the exhaust system is properly venting

  6. Measure the supply/return temperature difference

  7. Verify safety and control circuits are working

  8. Inspect the fan belt and adjust its tension, if necessary

  9. Clean the furnace filter

  10. Clean and lubricate the blower motor’s air vents

  11. Brush and vacuum the burner

  12. Brush and vacuum the heat exchanger

  13. Check the heat exchanger for wear and cracks

  14. Clean and test the thermocouple

  15. Measure and adjust gas pressure

  16. Lubricate moving parts per manufacturer requirements

  17. Measure the blower’s amperage and voltage

  18. Inspect electrical wiring and tighten connections

  19. Clean the upper/lower combustion vents

  20. Test for natural gas leaks

  21. Clean the exterior of the furnace

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I schedule heating maintenance?

We recommend a heating inspection, cleaning, and tune-up at least once a year in the fall to ensure the unit is ready for the winter season. 

What are the signs my heating system needs maintenance?

Schedule furnace maintenance at any time if you notice signs such as:

  • Reduced heating performance

  • Uneven heating in your home

  • Gas or other unusual odors

  • The unit struggles to start

  • Rising monthly energy bills

  • Loud, unusual noises

  • Water leaking from your furnace

  • The carbon monoxide alarm goes off

Can I perform heating maintenance tasks myself?

The only heating maintenance you should do yourself is to clean/replace filters, clear debris from the system, and remove dust from vents. Avoid replacing parts or lubricating components yourself.

Is heating maintenance necessary for newer systems?

Regular maintenance maintains optimal performance no matter the age of the heater. Even a newer furnace should be serviced annually. It can prevent significant problems, optimize performance, and increase longevity.

How quickly can scheduled maintenance be completed?

Members of our maintenance plan receive priority service. The earlier in the season you schedule heating maintenance, the more quickly we can get a technician to your home, and the more flexible our schedule.

Service Champions Is Proud to Serve the Martinez Community

We are happy to help our clients with heating maintenance and be a part of the community. Since 2003, we’ve been addressing the unique heating challenges people face in Martinez. Our HVAC technicians not only have the proper training and certification, but local knowledge that enables them to address your specific heating needs. We’re committed to improving comfort, heating efficiency, and safety while being consistently professional and reliable.

Call Service Champions for Heating Maintenance in Martinez, CA

We’re known for high-quality heating maintenance services in Martinez, Concord, and Walnut Creek, CA. Proactive maintenance increases the reliability and efficiency of your heating system. It’s never too early to schedule maintenance. Our team is ready to provide a comprehensive inspection and tune-up that can avoid big repairs and save you money. To request heating maintenance at your convenience, schedule a visit or call (833) 600-0991 today

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