Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement in Martinez, CA

Your electrical panel is the control center for your home’s entire electrical system. It routes power to every circuit and contains circuit breakers that cut power if there’s an overload or electrical fault. A well-functioning panel prevents safety hazards and maintains efficiency in your Martinez, CA, home. However, various issues can require electrical panel replacement. At Service Champions, our licensed electricians ensure your main panel is properly installed, meets your home’s electrical requirements, and is code-compliant.

The Importance of Your Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is one of the most important components in your home. It provides centralized control for all your electrical circuits. You can turn off a circuit breaker to check what appliances, lights, or devices it serves, and reset it if it trips. Circuit breakers trip to prevent damage from overloads, which can lead to catastrophic electrical fires. 

We also install electrical panels and subpanels and perform whole-home rewiring to meet your electrical demands. Newer homes in Martinez use higher-power appliances than, for example, homes built in the 1960s and 1970s. If you’re installing a new stove, air conditioner, jacuzzi, or EV charger, you may need to upgrade from a 60-amp or 100-amp panel to a 200-amp panel.

Electrical Panel Services We Offer in Martinez

Martinez-area homeowners can rely on Service Champions for a comprehensive range of electrical services. We can:

  • Assess your home’s current electrical capacity and determine if it’s sufficient.

  • Upgrade your home with a higher-capacity electrical panel to handle increased demand.

  • Ensure compliance with local electrical codes and regulations.

We also install different types of electrical panels, depending on your electrical needs and the application. The options we offer, based on an evaluation of your existing setup, include:

  • Main Service Panels: Designed to accept power from the grid and distribute it throughout your home, these feature a main breaker for your entire electrical supply and individual breakers for branch circuits.

  • Sub-Panels: These are smaller panels that provide multiple circuits for a specific area of your house. They are separate from but connected to the main panel via a single circuit. Sub-panels help in power distribution but don’t add capacity.

  • Single-Pole or Double-Pole Breakers: We install single-pole breakers, typically used for 120-volt circuits, and double-pole breakers for higher-power circuits,  usually used as main breaker switches.

  • Smart Electrical Panels: Smart panels have monitoring capabilities and allow for load management. They can also relay information to a smartphone app, from which you can view the power draw of each circuit and even turn each on and off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my electrical panel needs service?

In addition to electrical panel installation and replacement, we also provide electrical panel repairs. Contact us if you have:

  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers

  • Flickering lights

  • Appliances or electronics that don’t run at full power

Timely electrical panel services, including repairs and replacements, improve safety and reduce the risk of shocks, burns, and fires. A functional panel is more efficient and can contribute to reduced utility costs. The absence of surges and malfunctions can also help appliances and electronics last longer. That’s why it’s important to schedule prompt electrical panel service.

How often should I have my electrical panel inspected?

Electricians generally suggest a professional inspection every three to five years. However, you should schedule maintenance if it’s been years since your electrical panel was inspected, it is several decades old, or you have concerns about the safety and efficiency of your electrical system.

What are the signs of an overloaded electrical panel?

If your panel is overloaded, circuit breakers may trip frequently or the panel, breakers, and wiring can become overheated. Call for help if you notice a panel/breaker feels warm or there are sparking or buzzing/crackling sounds. Burning odors can also indicate the panel is overloaded.

Can I upgrade my electrical panel myself?

Only a licensed electrician is qualified to upgrade an electrical panel. Attempting it yourself is dangerous and potentially illegal.

Are there safety risks associated with outdated panels?

Some older panels don’t meet the latest code requirements because they are fire hazards. An outdated electrical panel may also not properly warn you of a malfunction or overload, increasing the risk of arc faults, electrical shocks, or electrocution.

Is a permit required for an electrical panel upgrade?

The California Electric Code and local ordinances require a permit if any part of your electrical system is replaced, repaired, or altered. This includes a replacement or upgrade of your main electrical service panel. At Service Champions, we always pull the required permits, making life easier for the homeowner.

Contact Service Champions for Electrical Panel Installation or Replacement

Homeowners in Martinez, CA, can trust Service Champions for our expertise and professionalism in addressing all types of electrical needs. Our electricians meet the latest training and certification requirements and are committed to ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home. Installing an electrical panel is a complex project that requires a skilled professional. Our experienced team has been present in the community since 2003, building trust and providing modern homes with the updates they need.

Service Champions can quickly install or update your electrical panel. We also test it to ensure it’s working properly and safely. To schedule high-quality electrical panel installation, replacement, or repair in your Martinez, CA, home, call (833) 600-0991 or contact us online.

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