Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning truck

Comprehensive 21-Point “WOW!” Air Conditioner Tune-Up

$88 Air Conditioner Tune-Up with FREE Water Heater Safety Inspection

( $180 Total Savings!)

Service Champions trained technicians will perform a 60 to 90-minute precision “WOW!” tune-up and professional cleaning including the following 21 operations:

1.  Test and inspect contactor for burned and pitted contacts
2.  Test thermostat for proper operation, calibrate and level
3.  Clean existing air filter (as needed)
4.  Test blower motor for proper operation
5.  Inspect indoor coil
6.  Flush and treat condensate drain with anti-algae tablets
7.  Clean condenser coils
8.  Monitor refrigerant for proper operating pressures
9.  Inspect safety devices for proper operation
10.  Inspect electrical for exposed wiring
11.  Inspect and tighten connections on electrical wiring
12.  Test capacitors for proper rating
13.  Test fan blade proper balance and operation
14.  Clean interior and exterior systems and remove all debris
15.  Test service valves for proper operation
16.  Measure the supply & return temperature differential
17.  Test ductwork for energy loss
18.  Monitor and measure voltage/amp draw
19.  Inspect wiring connections for the compressor
20.  Measure blower motor’s amperage and voltage for proper operation
21.  Inspect electrical disconnect box for proper rating and safe installation

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